ProHome®experienced homeowners that were expired from their one-year warranty with their builder, contacting our office inquiring if we knew someone who could perform simple maintenance tasks such as window washing, gutter cleaning, painting etc.

ProHome®, not wanting to become a warrantor, chose to enter into the maintenance field by offering an annual service agreement to homeowners that averaged close to $300.00. The annual program provides the homeowner with a “one call does it all” number, 24- hour emergency service, discounted labor rates and guaranteed workmanship.

By working with our Builders in the warranty program, we had established a large listing of subcontractors and had first hand knowledge of the better performers. Enlisting the best subcontractors to perform the work request by the Home Maintenance Members created the opportunity for the subcontractors to realize a tremendous work load, therefore enabling ProHome® to charge the subcontractors a “finders fee’ for the work directed to them.

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