10-YEAR-WARRANTY-LOGO-FINALDeveloper/Builder can determine by contract the method of response that 10-YES will take for each type of situation. Developer/Builder may choose to hold full control whereby 10-YES will provide information to Developer/Builder, Developer/Builder will decide what action or response to give, then have 10-YES communicate that response to the homeowner. Or, Developer/Builder can delegate 10-YES to investigate and make determinations of response and communicate that response to the homeowners. However, any major concerns would be discussed with Developer/Builder prior to responses being given.

Each home enrolled with will be 10-YES logged into our nationwide data base.

This allows 10-YES to research and provide information to Developer/Builder and other builders across the country if you are experiencing similar problems, and work jointly for resolution. This would only include non-confidential, generic information.
Since most of the Developer/Builder homes were never in the ProHome® warranty management system, the only record of past events in these homes is in the Developer/Builder system. 10-YES has reached agreement with the local ProHome® offices to retrieve their records, if Developer/Builder enrolls those homes. We request that Developer/Builder provide 10-YES access to their computer files in order to create a consistent 10-year history of record keeping for ALL homes enrolled.

10-YES can provide a full 10-year (partial for your communities) history of activity for each enrolled home. This history will be provided whenever requested by the Developer/Builder.

Since the only way to know about a problem is for one of the Developer/Builder (current) homeowners to contact your offices by phone, 10-YES requests that those phone lines be routed to an answering service so appropriate service calls can be forwarded immediately to 10-YES for response.

Every phone conversation with Developer/Builder homeowners will be documented for future reference. This will include any type of call – request for information about their home and its components; reports of emergency; request for inspection of service concerns; etc.
In the event Developer/Builder receives written communication from a current homeowner, please forward that document to 10-YES for processing and we will initiate contact with that homeowner on behalf of Developer/Builder.

If communication is received by Developer/Builder from the local Contractors Board or Association, 10-YES can respond to investigate the claim, provide all relevant documentation to you first, then to the Board. If you choose to have specified corrections made 10-YES can coordinate with the repair contractors and document all progress to completion for Developer/Builder and the Board.

If communication is received by Sunrise from an attorney representing a homeowner, 10-YES can respond at your request, or at the request of your own attorney or carrier, to perform inspections or to coordinate repair contractors as needed, with all documentation provided to Developer/Builder.

Every response by 10-YES will be documented for future reference.

10-YES will act on behalf of Developer/Builder whenever communicating with their homeowners:

  • Respond to their requests as strongly as Developer/Builder directs us to do.
  • Instruct the homeowner about Developer/Builder reduced responsibilities under the law once the warranty period has ended.
  • Instruct homeowners about their own maintenance responsibilities.
  • Provide information on how to contact the original subcontractors directly if they need further assistance.
  • Send someone go to the home as needed for inspection of claims, and for determination of scope and cause. Discuss every item with the homeowner, where the responsibility rests, why something is not the responsibility of Developer/Builder. Follow up in writing to the homeowner and to Developer/Builder for documentation and review.
  • Developer/Builder will receive printed reports of every conversation, inspection and determination.
  • Whenever 10-YES is contacted by a current Developer/Builder homeowner, we will update our computer system to reflect the current information.

10-YES will provide regular reports of trends; types of homeowner contacts made, types of concerns voiced by the homeowners, concerns with suppliers and products, concerns with workmanship of subcontractors, concerns about Developer/Builder.
Under direction from Developer/Builder, 10-YES will respond to emergency calls and coordinate with the emergency repair companies (assigned by Developer/Builder). The goal of 10-YESwill be to mitigate the emergency situation quickly, thereby protecting Sunrise from further liability for damages.

If Developer/Builder directs us to honor repair requests, 10-YES will issue work orders to the appropriate subcontractors and coordinate all work until completion. However, 10-YES will not issue purchase orders or otherwise pay the repair contractors – that is the responsibility of Developer/Builder.

10-YES can provide on-site coordination of repairs as needed and scheduled. This service will be provided at a specified hourly rate.