Step 1. Perform a Pre-Settlement Demonstration with your purchaser.
This is generally a 2-4 hour detailed orientation focused on appliances, mechanical systems and a home inspection. Since the amount of time spent varies with the size of the home, this walk can take as long as 8 hours for very large homes (10,000+ square feet). This process is driven by the need to establish clear warranty expectations and to review the distinction between a homeowner’s maintenance responsibilities versus the builder’s warranty obligations. We thoroughly explain the warranty process and the procedures to be followed during the upcoming warranty term.

Since the Construction Acceptance Walk has already been completed, the home is in great shape and presents itself well. The Punch List is minimal – usually single digits. Your purchaser is at ease and the quality of your home validates your customers purchase decision. This has a direct and substantial impact on their satisfaction level with your company.

Step 2. Perform a Punch List Verification Walk with the purchaser.
This walk is conducted either the day prior to settlement – for early settlements – or the day of settlement to verify with the purchaser that the Punch List has been completed and to obtain sign-off. The purchaser has already been educated about any long lead item and that they will be notified as soon as the item has been delivered and is ready for installation.

This process ensures your homes are Punch List complete at settlement. This avoids Punch List issues migrating to the warranty term, which distorts warranty costs and decreases customer satisfaction levels.